5 Ways to Lose the Funk


  1. Chocolate!  Oh get real.  You know you were thinking it too.  And, even if you weren’t thinking it, you are now.  One square of organic dark chocolate is just enough to give a can-do attitude!

  2. Do something for someone else.  It never fails, that when I am in a funk, if I do something for someone else, no matter how little it may seem, it can change my outlook.

    It can be a text, a card, run an errand for another mom, take a meal to someone (yes, you can buy it,) walk someone’s dog, or pay for someone else’s order in the drive through.

    There are a million and one things you can think of to do for others.  It means a lot to them, and it will lift the good vibes in your brain.

  3. Take action!  When I feel overwhelmed, I freeze.  I hide.  Doing nothing is my instinct.  But, I take action instead.

    If you take new action, it will create new neuron paths in the brain.  Yes, it makes you smarter.  😉 Hey, I’m not a doctor, but I know that taking action gets me out of my funk, and it will do the same for you!

    If the action is in your business, and you are creating a life you want to live, let the action take the form of income producing activities, and it is a win win.

  4. Talk with an accountability partner.  Everyone needs a couple of people in their life to hold them accountable.

    We all have people around us who will tell us what we want to hear, but it’s important to have friends that can be honest with you, and say things you need to hear.

    Sometimes, you need someone to tell you to pull your head out of your you know what.  Hey, my mom reads my blog.  🙂

  5. Visualize with emotion.  We know to visualize, but it’s important to visualize with emotion.

    Actually let that silly grin spread across your face.  Jump around, and really feel what it will feel like when you are completely healthy, when you get that new job promotion, or when you retire to that beautiful ranch in the mountains.

If you have been in a funk for a day, two weeks, 6 months, or if you were born with a perceived cloud over your head, now is the time for change.  Try some of the things on my list.  I want to hear how it goes.  Share in the comments below, and tell us your story.  What gets you out of a funk?  Lose the Funk!  Be joyful!

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