Zucchini and Avocado Sandwichnutrition avo:zuchhini sandwich

Breakfast doesn’t always need to be “breakfast foods.”  This is one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches that gives me energy and fuel for my morning.  As a health coach, I like this, because it gives a good carb, good fat, and a good protein, which I know will keep me satisfied longer, feed my brain, which will help me focus on my to do list for the day.

Truly, this could be eaten at any meal, but you might not want it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!  I did have it for 3 mornings in a row last week.  With zucchini abundant in the garden, it’s a great choice.

Start with a layer of sliced zucchini, topped with avocado slices on a piece of organic bread.  You could always sub bibb lettuce for the bread, and do a lettuce wrap.

first layer avo

Do a second layer of the same.  Add a sprinkle of himalayan sea salt and a dash of pepper

nutrition 2nd layer zucchini

Add a layer of sprouts.  I chose hot and spicy, but choose any you like.  Broccoli sprouts are a nice option, as well as sunflower sprouts.

nutrition sprouts layer

Top with your second slice of bread (I use organic good seed thin sliced.)  Enjoy!

nutrition avo:zuchhini sandwich

Let me know what you think of the recipe, and comment below with your favorite breakfast, not breakfast, healthy eats!

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