I have this re-occurring dream that all my teeth fall out in my hand. I have it when I’m extremely overwhelmed. A couple of weeks ago, I thought my nightmare was coming true. I was on the phone with my friend, Kim, and my tooth fell out! I freaked out, got off the phone, and went to the bathroom to look. For some reason, I decided to floss around it, and the tooth behind it fell out too!  Now, I really started freaking out. These were actually crowns that had come off, but one broke the tooth underneath.

I called the dentist, they got me in within 10 minutes, put one back in, but told me I would have to see an oral surgeon for the other. Of course, he was on vacation, meaning I would have to be without a tooth for a while.

As much as I want to think I’m on this yogi path of only caring about the important things in life, I quickly realized how vain I am. I love to laugh and smile, and I’ve always been known for my big smile. I can’t believe how something so simple can make me feel so vulnerable. And, how I suddenly monitor my laugh and smile.

I ended up having oral surgery, and will be getting an implant. In the meantime, I’ll be getting a temporary fix, and I’m feeling ok with my level of vanity. Guess I’ll get on my mat, learn a few more lessons, and hope my teeth don’t fall out!

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